Friday, December 23, 2005

Friday Foto

Whoops, due to having the day off and all I forgot what day it was. It's still Friday... for the next fifteen minutes or so!

I wanted to have some cool Mariners holiday-related picture to post, but I never got around to Safeco during the daytime to see if there was anything to take a picture of, nor did I venture into a Team Store to shoot Santa Moose. When I looked through the pictures I had, it came down to either a terribly blurry picture of a Christmas tree at the Hall of Fame, or a less blurry picture I took a month ago of a tree at PNC Park, in the little area known as "Picnic Park":


Whee. Happy appropriate holiday to those of you who are celebrating, and to the rest, I'll probably be back with a book review in the next day or two as I try to rest and fight off this stupid December cold I seem to have caught.

Also, to Mr. Iron Tech and anyone else -- the answer to the trivia question in my last post is Walter Johnson. Crazy, isn't it?

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