Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Foto -- Cranes for Morino

Alright, so the update on Morino is that he is expected to be out until July. The injury seems to be called a left calf muscle strain, and he was taken back to a hospital in Nagoya to recover, and they're expecting him to be out of action for a while to heal, and then he'll have to do some rehab and then work out on the farm team for a bit before returning to action on the top team.

It's sad also because this injury comes on the heels of an article saying how he was spending his off-day running (on May 12) and working out because he was worried something is wrong, he was having a slight slump lately.

(Naturally, another question is whether he'll still get to play in the Olympics... but I don't know if anyone even wants to think that far ahead now.)

Oddly, I'm not actually sure I'll see the Dragons while Morino is out. Due to interleague and Fighters games taking first priority and a concert and only being able to attend games on Sunday/Monday, the next time I'd be able to see them without having to make an extra effort (like taking a day off, or going to Nagoya) won't be until 6/29, by which point maybe he'll be almost back up, with any luck.

Anyway, I do some crazy things when I feel like I need to bring good luck to a baseball player but there's nothing I can do in particular. (See last fall when I made a Fighters omamori.) Morino happens to be the poster boy for May on the Dragons calendar I have on my wall at work, and I was thinking about the story of folding 1000 origami cranes to bring wishes and health to someone...

So I went out and got some origami paper and spent most of my free time between teaching classes today folding origami cranes and putting them around the calendar.

I suppose I am approximately 986 cranes short, though.

I only had time to fold 14 cranes, though. But I figure that... well... he got injured on May 14th, and it's the May calendar page.

Wait a minute. Kenshin Kawakami was the April calendar poster boy and then he got BLASTED in April, that day that the Giants hit back-to-back-to-back home runs off him, and was out of the rotation for like a month. And Morino is May and now he got injured. OH MY GOD THE CALENDAR IS CURSED

Ibata is June... oh crap.

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