Thursday, May 01, 2008

Two Moments

Rather than actually posting anything useful right now, here are two random shots off my little bitty camera from the last two days:

The ONE entrance to all of first-base infield seating at Nagaragawa Stadium, in Gifu Prefecture, April 29th. It took 50 minutes to get a parking spot, and then 5 minutes to wait in line to get into the stadium, and then 10 minutes to wait in line to use a bathroom, and then ANOTHER 10 minutes to actually get through the entrance and onto the concourse and over to where our seats were. Great game -- 4-1 Dragons with Nakata and Iwase getting the win/save -- but boy do I have a rant coming about this stadium...

The guy in the distance is Darvish, and you have no idea how many people came up to the front during the game tonight (April 30) to take photos of and "with" him. Thanks to Larry for letting me sit way up front again, with another great Fighters fan, for a nice Shunsuke vs. Darvish showdown at Chiba Marine Stadium, which the Fighters won 6-3.

I'm off to Hokkaido in like 12 hours and I still have ninety billion things to do before I go, so blogging is taking a backseat for now.

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