Thursday, February 08, 2007

Kei Igawa Linkage

Kei Igawa pulled off a stealth wedding, just like Theo Epstein! Woohoo! (This seems a lot more impressive to me due to the Japanese press, although I'm sure the Boston press is almost as bad. You can read Igawa's blog entry here.)

New Yankees pitcher Igawa gets married [Mainichi Shinbun]
Igawa said he announced his marriage only after he came to the United States because he wanted to avoid causing her and her acquaintances any trouble in Japan.

Funny article about how Matsuzaka and Igawa will adjust to pitching in America, with input from various "experts", anywhere from Robert Whiting to Trey Hillman to Jeremy Powell:

Dice-K or just plain Kei? [Asahi Herald]
"Igawa most definitely has major-league stuff for a left-hander and will fare better than most predict because he has a whole lot of heart. He is an extremely hard worker with great confidence in himself and will do anything to succeed in MLB, which is what it takes to be a winner in a place like New York.

I'm thinking 10-plus wins and a shorter haircut for his first season." -- Jeff Williams, Hanshin Tigers pitcher

Oh yeah, and he's already in Tampa and doing early training, getting adjusted to America. But I have to wonder exactly WHICH words Derek Jeter is teaching him?

Igawa Gets Early Start to Spring [New York Post]
"It's all a feel for him, getting to know the guys," Connors said. "Jeter has been already kidding him . . . teaching him a new word every day. He's going to be fine. It just takes the time to get adjusted."

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