Monday, February 19, 2007

The Hanshin Tigers Scare Me

I realize that Iron Man Tomoaki Kanemoto is sort of allowed to do anything he wants, but the American media would never put up a photo of a player flipping someone off, would they? (I swear this is just begging for Photoshop.)

Yusuke Takahashi may not be a very useful outfielder, but he's apparently a useful transportation device. (How the heck he's carrying Lin and Akamatsu on his back AND actually moving is beyond me, though.)

Kyuji Fujikawa learns about baseball by osmosis.


Dear Esteban Yan: is that a tumor on your shoulder or just ice?

Akamatsu says, "Oh god, please let me make the team," while Kojima says, "Please God, I hope nobody notices that my hair is worse than Igawa's".

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