Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Foto: Adding Ichiro

This entry is completely random. As is typical with Friday Fotos, I was just looking back through the pictures I've taken for something cool-looking that I hadn't posted before, and Ichiro is always a valid theme around here:

Ichiro NTT ad
An Ichiro NTT ad graces the wall behind a subway platform.

I can't even remember which subway station I took that in, though I'm pretty sure it was in Tokyo.

In the world of pictures not taken by me, this is the coolest photo I've ever seen of Hitoshi Tamura.

Tsuyoshi Wada celebrated his birthday on Wednesday. I'd never noticed that he wears #21 and his birthday is the 21st (like Kazuhiro Sasaki's #22 on the 22nd). I wonder what percentage of players in general wear their birthdate on their jersey -- not necessarily Carlos May style, but just in picking their uniform numbers.

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