Friday, June 30, 2006

Sherrill on the World Cup

Mostly for PDB, this comes from the latest Mariners email detailing the Perez-Cabrera trade, from the "Fan Zone" part:

MM: So rumor has it you have been keeping an eye on the World Cup?
GS: Yeah, when we aren't traveling. The games are on early, so you
can watch them in the clubhouse or the weight room. Some of us
have been kicking a ball around before batting practice.

MM: Who is going to win it all?
GS: Brazil. Hands down. Ronaldo... Ronaldinho... they have the five
best players in the world.

MM: Who could knock them off?
GS: Maybe Argentina if they get past Germany.

MM: Anybody else in the clubhouse following the World Cup?
GS: Jose, Felix, Yuniesky and J.J. are also keeping an eye on it.
I think everyone agrees Brazil is the team to beat, but I've also
heard votes for Italy. Yuniesky says France.

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