Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Happy Dickie Thon's Birthday!

So, today, a great thing has happened:

My HACKING MASS team broke into the top 10 percent of all teams! Wheeeee!

The amusing part, though, to me, was this bizarre coincidence of events, given the name of my HM team:

Yes. My wonderful Von Hayes Fan Club is tied with the Steve Jeltz All-Stars. On Dickie Thon's birthday, even.

I guess it's a lot funnier if you went to a whole bunch of Phillies games back in 1989. I mean, what a year that was. The team was terrible, but who cared? Darren Daulton became our full-time catcher, and we traded for both John Kruk and Lenny Dykstra that mid-season. Schmitty retired (the last time I ever got to see Mike Schmidt play was at my birthday game that year, actually) and Von Hayes made his only ever All-Star appearance (and got a hit)! And Dickie Thon was our shortstop. And Steve Jeltz was our Willie Bloomquist.

In 1989, Randy Johnson came to Seattle. And last night, the Phillies beat him with the Yankees. I got home from work in time to watch the last few innings. It was good stuff, a very tight game. And Larry Bowa still doesn't know when to shut the hell up.

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