Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Sun'll Come Out To Morrow

Yeah, okay. I've got to stop paying attention to the draft and pay more attention to work.

If you were stuck in meetings during the first few rounds, here's what's up:
- The Mariners selected Brandon Morrow at #5, which is sort of what people figured would happen, though most figured it would happen because Miller would be gone
- Luke Hochevar went #1 overall to the Royals (btw, pronounced HO-chay-vur according to that article; within the space of a minute three people pronounced it three completely separate ways)
- Dave Cameron is sad that the Tigers got Andrew Miller at #6
- UW funky pitcher Tim Lincecum goes to the Giants at #10 overall
- After the Pirates passed on him, the Phillies took Kyle Drabek at #18.
- Preston Mattingly, Donnie Baseball's son, went at #31 overall to the Dodgers.
- The Mariners took RHP Chris Tillman with second-round pick #49, LHP Anthony Butler with third-round pick #81, and RHP Enrique Orta with fourth-round pick #111.

More on Morrow:
- Conor Glassey interview with Brandon Morrow
- mlb.com article on Brandon Morrow
- Baseball Prospectus interview with Brandon Morrow
- Brandon Morrow player page for the Cal Bears

I have just a few brief thoughts:

It bugs me that the draft doesn't get the best players to the teams that need it the most due to the whole signability and money issue. I realize that first-round picks expect a decent signing bonus, but if the Royals seriously couldn't afford Andrew Miller, I see that as a problem.

Second, Brandon Morrow actually seemed pretty intriguing to me when I read Conor's interview with him a while back, and I'm not really that unhappy with the pick. He sounds like a pretty nice guy, and I don't see his diabetes as an issue; as it's been pointed out, Jason Johnson, currently of the Indians, is also a diabetic and has been pitching in the majors since 1997. So, let's hope this works out, and I look forward to trekking up to Everett to see these guys in a few weeks like I did for Jeff Clement last year.

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