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NPB College/Industrial Draft List

I'm sorry, I needed something to take my mind off Ogasawara signing with the Giants, because I can't deal with that right now. I just can't.

So I went and translated the full lists of the college/industrial draft. Hopefully it'll be useful to someone.

I worked with the Sankei Sports list as my master list (so all height/weight info is from there) and then did web searches to figure out various other things, mostly hometown prefectures. There's like three where I took the hometown of their high school since I couldn't find anything else (and those are denoted with a dash afterwards), I'm sure I can find out as details come in. I also used the industry/college draft issue of Shukan Baseball for some info.

Players with pages linked are just because I ended up looking them up to find out info in the first place so figured I might as well save that info.

I've got some thoughts about how some teams did their drafting (notably Hiroshima taking all industry-league older players), but I'm pretty mentally shot.

I'm thinking of trying to write up how the draft works, too, at some point. It's incredibly convoluted, but I think I finally understand the whole pick-skipping thing, at least. You'll notice in most of these there's a K and then a 3 -- because the K is the pre-signed kibouwaki player, then almost every team except Rakuten didn't have a pick until the technical "third round", due to not skipping the first round of the high school draft and due to signing a kibouwaki outside the draft.

Name Pos Univ/Company B/T DOB Ht/Wt Hometown
-------------------- --- ------------ --- ---------- ---------- --------

Chunichi Dragons

K: Daisuke Tanaka C Toyo Univ R/R 12/18/1984 174cm/78kg Hiroshima
3. Takuya Asao P Nihon Fukushi Univ R/R 10/22/1984 182cm/71kg Aichi
4. Masanori Kikuchi P Toho Gas L/L 09/09/1984 177cm/82kg Shizuoka
5. Tatsuro Iwasaki IF Nippon Oil (ENEOS) R/R 12/28/1984 175cm/75kg Kanagawa
6. Akinobu Shimizu P Meijo Univ R/R 10/26/1983 175cm/85kg Mie
7. Akira Nishikawa IF Hosei Univ L/R 04/02/1984 175cm/72kg Mie

Hanshin Tigers

K: Tatsuya Kojima P Osaka Gas L/L 10/07/1985 180cm/73kg Osaka
3. Keiji Uezono P Musashi Univ R/R 06/30/1984 180cm/80kg Fukuoka
4. Takashi Shimizu C Kanzei Gakuin Univ R/R 04/23/1984 177cm/75kg Hyogo
5. Yuuji Oshiro IF TDK Chikumagawa S/R 10/07/1985 172cm/75kg Okinawa

Yakult Swallows

K: Shun Takaichi P Aoyama Gakuin Univ R/R 07/09/1984 177cm/80kg Chiba
3. Satoshi Nishizaki P JR Hokkaido R/R 08/01/1982 174cm/68kg Fukuoka
4. Atsushi Kinugawa C Sumitomo Kashima R/R 03/20/1981 180cm/90kg Hyogo

Yomiuri Giants

K: Norihito Kaneto P Ritsumeikan Univ L/L 04/10/1984 177cm/83kg Hyogo
3. Takahisa Ueno P NTT East L/L 12/09/1984 177cm/75kg Tokyo
4. Hidetoshi Tsuburaya IF Aoyama Gakuin Univ L/R 09/17/1984 181cm/75kg Kanagawa
5. Kazuho Fukasawa P Shikoku / Kagawa* L/L 09/16/1983 180cm/72kg Yamanashi
6. Takayuki Terauchi IF JR East R/R 05/27/1983 177cm/75kg Tochigi
7. Ryousuke Fukamachi P Chukyo Univ R/R 10/25/1984 181cm/81kg Aichi

(Shikoku League, Kagawa Olive Guyners)

Hiroshima Carp

K: Michito Miyazaki P Honda Suzuka R/R 09/06/1978 181cm/78kg Wakayama
3. Hirofumi Ueno P Toyota R/R 04/10/1981 176cm/82kg Kagoshima
4. Takahiro Aoki P Nissan L/L 11/26/1981 187cm/80kg Gifu
5. Naoki Nakahigashi OF Honda Suzuka L/R 10/05/1981 168cm/68kg Hiroshima

Yokohama Bay Stars

K: Kentarou Takasaki P Nissan R/R 06/24/1985 175cm/80kg Kumamoto
3. Yuta Kimura P Tokyo Gas L/L 05/21/1985 189cm/80kg Akita
4. Tatsuya Shimozono OF Kyushu Kokusai Univ L/L 11/22/1984 179cm/81kg Miyazaki
5. Yusuke Shimokubo OF Nippon Express R/R 01/21/1979 173cm/78kg Kagoshima
6. Michiomi Yoshihara P Honda Sayama R/R 10/29/1981 181cm/83kg Tokyo

Nippon Ham Fighters

K: Ken Miyamoto P Waseda Univ L/L 04/18/1984 174cm/78kg Okayama
3. Keisaku Itokazu P Asia Univ R/R 11/07/1984 180cm/88kg Okinawa
4. Hisayoshi Chono OF Nihon Univ R/R 12/06/1984 178cm/78kg Saga
5. Kazunori Yamamoto P Waseda Univ L/L 06/13/1983 184cm/90kg Shimane
6. Yohei Kaneko OF Honda R/R 12/04/1981 177cm/83kg Yamaguchi
7. Takahiro Imanami IF Meiji Univ L/R 07/06/1984 170cm/75kg Fukuoka
8. Yusuke Uchiyama P Asahikawa Univ R/R 08/21/1984 182cm/83kg Kanagawa

Seibu Lions

K: Takayuki Kishi P Tohoku Gakuin Univ R/R 12/04/1984 180cm/69kg Miyagi
3. Jun Yamamoto P TDK Chikumaguma R/R 04/16/1982 188cm/80kg Kanagawa
4. Takuya Hara IF Kanto Gakuin Univ L/R 05/18/1984 174cm/74kg Kanagawa
5. Tetsuya Iwasaki P Mitsubishi Yokohama R/R 10/13/1982 190cm/88kg Saitama
6. Yutaro Ohsaki OF Aoyama Gakuin Univ L/R 10/18/1984 170cm/80kg Ibaraki

Fukuoka Softbank Hawks

K: Kenji Ohtonari P Kinki Univ L/L 11/19/1984 174cm/82kg Kyoto
3. Hiroaki Takaya C Hakuoh Univ L/R 11/13/1981 178cm/83kg Tochigi
4. Masahiko Morifuku P Shidax L/L 07/29/1986 175cm/67kg Aichi
5. Yuuya Hasegawa OF Senshu Univ L/R 12/22/1984 178cm/81kg Yamagata
6. Hideto Kawazu P Fukuoka Univ R/R 03/26/1985 181cm/80kg Saga-

Chiba Lotte Marines

3. Takumi Kohbe OF Ryutsu Keizai Univ L/R 02/23/1985 191cm/95kg Ibaraki
4. Tadahiro Ogino P Hitachi R/R 04/16/1982 174cm/71kg Tokyo
5. Ryousuke Eguchi P Aichi Gakuin Univ L/L 08/12/1984 175cm/77kg Tokyo-
6. Taiki Nakagoh P JR Shikoku R/R 09/21/1984 175cm/68kg Tokushima-
7. Tatsuya Kakunaka OF Shikoku/Kochi* R/R 05/25/1987 180cm/80kg Ishikawa
8. Kodai Matsumoto P Duplo L/L 12/23/1980 175cm/75kg Hyogo

(Shikoku League, Kochi Fighting Dogs)

Orix Buffaloes

K: Satoshi Komatsu P JR Kyushu R/R 10/29/1981 180cm/78kg Fukushima
3. Keiji Ohbiki IF Hosei Univ R/R 06/29/1984 177cm/75kg Osaka

Rakuten Golden Eagles

1: Satoshi Nagai P Toyo Univ L/R 09/27/1984 177cm/69kg Gunma
3. Motohiro Shima C Kokugakuin Univ R/R 12/13/1984 178cm/82kg Gifu
4. Fuminori Yokogawa OF Aoyama Gakuin Univ R/L 12/03/1984 186cm/90kg Ibaraki
5. Naoto Watanabe IF Mitsubishi Fuso R/R 10/15/1980 173cm/70kg Ibaraki

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