Saturday, November 04, 2006

Japan-MLB All-Star Series Annoyedblogging

These announcers are amazing, with their realizations such as "Nippon means Japan, that's why they call the Japanese league Nippon Professional Baseball."

HEY, announcers, you see that guy? The one in the red pinstriped jersey that says "Carp" on it, and "Arai" on the back? Yeah, him? Why are you STILL calling him "Murata" after four innings and two of his at-bats?

Hey, see that guy you just called slow, the catcher... yeah, see him taking second on a bad throw? Oh, and see him scoring on a bloop RBI single? Don't you guys EVER diss my Satozaki.


Let me tell you how impressed I am with the Japan knowledge these guys have, saying things like "Soon we're going to be going to the Kyocera dome, which is... which is somewhere else on this island."

I don't think I can stay up to watch this game, partially because I'm exhausted and partially because I have no desire to put my fist through my monitor. It's not even their ridiculous mispronunciations of everything, it's just the feeling that nobody even prepped them with any information about the players, the league, or even the country they're in.

Infact, I think I have agreed with exactly one statement they've made all evening: "Ogasawara is just a lot of fun to watch at the plate."

Of course, they said it right after "He just filed for free agency", which I'm still sad about. Bleh. Though he's said he would continue negotiations with the Fighters, he needed to declare or he wouldn't be able to at all. (And before anyone starts drooling over him, he's pretty much said he's staying in Japan. Well, or his wife did. Either way, he has no interest in coming to the MLB, which is good, because the coaches here would take one look at his swing and mess with it and I'd have to go kill them all.)

But I'd like to point out that amusingly, a very high percentage of all three of my All-Cute rosters are in this series. They just interviewed Ryan Howard and Tomoya Satozaki, too. Awwww!

(Okay, I have to admit, I'm still watching, and Ogasawara just hit a shallow fly to center and Andruw Jones caught it on a dive for the third out, and Ogasawara's just got the best look on his face, like this really big smile of disbelief combined with amusement.)

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