Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Japan Photos, Part 2 - Tokyo Dome / Seibu Dome

Yeah, I'm aware that the Yankees won the posting bid of $25 million or so for Kei Igawa, but you can read about that all over the place. I'll do some sort of post-posting post at some point. I guess we already know what he looks like in pinstripes, so it's all good. (Does this mean it's my job to make fun of the way he dresses more or less now that he'll be a Yankee? And is it cool or uncool for MLB players to carry around anime totebags? Ah, Kei-chan, I do hope you do well... except when facing the Mariners, of course.)

Anyway, these pictures are from my second full day in Japan, where I hung out with my friend Li again. Being from New York, he actually wanted to find a Shinjo jersey, so we met up at the Tokyo Dome so I could show him the big baseball store there and take some pictures, and we could then take the train out to Tokorozawa for the Lions-Fighters game. You can read my blog entry about the day, or the game log on the Fighters' site. Quick version is that Fighters' starter Satoru Kanemura gave up a grand slam to catcher Toru Hosokawa, and the Lions' Fumiya Nishiguchi had much better luck keeping the Fighters lineup down, so the Lions won 6-2 in the end.

I sat in the outfield unreserved turf "seating" during this game, cheering my lungs out with a ton of other Fighters fans, so most of the pictures are actually of fans and such, rather than of players. Plus, the lighting at the Seibu Dome is pretty atrocious and they had pretty thick fences around the field.

Photo set with thumbnails and descriptions is here:
Tokyo Dome and Invoice Seibu Dome, full photo set

Outside the Tokyo Dome; outside and inside the Seibu Dome

To:Do shop, Giants Adidas shop, and "Giants Is Giants" poster:

A Hichori sign, a Shinjo sign, and a baseball caught by the guy next to me.

Cardboard cutouts of Lions players outside a bento stand, an oendan leader, a beer guy, and a cute kid.

There's some other fun things in the photo set, and this one is less than half the size of the Sendai one. Enjoy!

Next up: Swallows vs. Dragons at the Nagoya Dome. Should be up in time to be a Friday Foto, even!

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