Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday Foto - In honor of Johan Santana

I took this one last September when I was at the Metrodome for Laurel's wedding, during batting practice.

Young Santana Fans
A bunch of kids who know greatness when they see it.

Going back, it appears that these Santana-jersey-wearing kids were actually watching Francisco Liriano warm up, too.

This post is in honor of the fact that for once, nobody disagreed with the obvious choice for the Cy Young Award in the American League, Johan Santana. Much like I was happy when Kazumi Saitoh won the Sawamura unanimously, I'm overjoyed for Santana here.

The pitching triple crown is funny in that the categories work together -- if you strike out a lot of guys, it'll help you keep a lower ERA, which in turn will help you win a lot of games. Whereas the hitting triple crown is tougher, as a home run power swing often comes at the cost of a few points of batting average. There hasn't been a hitting triple crown winner since 1967, but there have been seven pitching triple crown winners since then, counting Santana this year. He is the first to win it with less than 20 wins, as well (19-6, 2.77, 245 K).

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