Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Hanshin Adventures of Ryan Vogelsong, Part 2

Wow, as if the pictures I linked a few entries ago weren't enough, today's Tigers pictures were even better.

Yo, roshi, coo?

Wow, a whole BOX of little Japanese baseballs! You shouldn't have...

Whoops, Nicole, maybe you should make sure that's the 'OK' sign.

Kyuji, meet Ryan. Ryan, meet the best relief ace in the world.

Nicole, meet Okada. Okada, look happier.

Hi, I'm Kei Igawa and I still need a haircut. Dig my suit.

(And of course in going through today's set I was hit in the head by CUTE)

And speaking of which, I got this week's 週刊ベースボール issue about the college/industrial draft, read through it on the bus home, and now I'm really intrigued by Keio's catcher, formerly of Chiben Wakayama, Yoshihiro Okazaki. Mostly for my own benefit, I have to more carefully read through this and this sometime later. Seriously, though, for some reason I never hear much about Keio prospects, but this guy is leading the Big Six batting race this season at a .370/.431/.609 clip, apparently batting 5th in the lineup; as a righty-hitting 175cm and 78kg he even almost seems like he'd be comparable to Satozaki. Of course, it also looks like he's going to JFE Steel.

I don't know if I'm going to bother going back through the Fighters-China game, by the way. They won it 6-1. More surprising is that the LA New Bears beat the Samsung Lions 3-2 in their final game that evening, so the Fighters and Bears get a rematch tonight. (Japanball article)

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