Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Vote for Felix!

So, there were two things I mentioned a few days ago, but didn't really elaborate on. One was that I watched Napoleon Dynamite. The other was that I was working on a creative project.

Well, the creative project arrived in the mail today from Cafepress.

A picture of some blog chick modelling an awesome t-shirt!

(I got too freaked out reloading my blog page and seeing my face there, so I linked instead of img'ing)

So, yeah. I'll be wearing that at the game tomorrow. Come say hi if you see me!

Since I'll probably never run into another blog person again, the back of the shirt reads as follows:

Top Ten Signs You're Part of the Mariners Blogosphere:

10. Your daily baseball reading list is: Mariners blogs. If there's something important elsewhere, somebody will link it.
9. When Beltre was signed, your first thought was "What'll happen to 'Leone For Third'?"
8. You know who Doyle, The Ignitor, Ramontiago, Ronnie The Bear, Spiroid, Player A, JoeJessica, and The Laziest Man In Baseball are.
7. You schlepped down to Tacoma to see King Felix pitch.
7a. You schlepped up to Everett to see "the other" Clement catch.
6. You don't bother going to Safeco for games anymore, because it's more entertaining to stay at home, drink better beer, and commiserate in various blogs' game threads.
5. Your opinion of other teams is based on the quality of their bloggers.
5a. For some inexplicable reason, you feel drawn to the Twins.
4. You know how to calculate a Win Probability graph.
3. You read the Grand Salami more often than Mariners Magazine, and not just because Jon gives you free copies at blog meetups.
2. You've booed Willie Baseball at Safeco in front of the Kitsap Kounty Klan, and have the scars to prove it.
1. You were seriously considering getting a Mariners jersey with the name "Doyle" on it to wear to future USSM pizza feeds.

I didn't go to tonight's game, and I only was able to catch the first inning on TV, so all I can say is: it was odd to see Bellhorn listed as the Yankees' third baseman and Morse listed as the Mariners' left fielder (even though I know he's been working on it). I'm glad the Mariners won! I'm glad Harris got the win! I wish they'd consider putting Morse in the 2-spot if he's going to be in the lineup. I feel bad for Willie Bloomquist, but happy for Jose Lopez.

Tomorrow is going to be awesome. I'm just looking forward to being at a game with a sellout crowd and a ton of energy.

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