Monday, August 29, 2005

Crazy Splits

Which pitcher would you rather have as a starter on your team?

Pitcher A: W-L 8-0, 2.73 ERA, BB 19, K 56, IP 95.2, WHIP 1.16, HR 6, OB .247/.285/.363.
Pitcher B: W-L 3-5, 6.44 ERA, BB 27, K 33, IP 64.1, WHIP 1.77, HR 10, OB .325/.391/.519.

The good news is: We have pitcher A on the Mariners' staff currently.
The bad news is: We have pitcher B on the Mariners' staff currently.
The weird news is: Pitcher A and B are the same guy.

Pitcher A is Jamie Moyer at home. Pitcher B is Jamie Moyer on the road. That's a pretty crazy split. Though, I think the most telling stat about how Jamie Moyer's improved since last year is his home runs allowed -- last season he allowed 44 in 202 innings pitched, or an average of 1.96 home runs per 9 innings. (Split: 1.72 home, 2.22 away). This year he's allowed a total of 6 home runs at the Safe, which is awesome. His overall is 16 HR in 160 innings, for .9 per 9 (Split: 0.56 home, 1.40 away).

Jamie Moyer is an enigma in many ways, but there's one thing you can't deny: he's doing a heck of a job pitching at Safeco this year. He's a fun pitcher to watch, and a genuinely good guy, and it'd make me sad if he wasn't pitching for us again next year, despite that he'll be 43. It's just a shame that he's so unlikely to ever get a World Series ring if he stays here...

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