Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Retrosheet is your friend, Jamie Moyer

I've been totally surfing Retrosheet for the last hour just reading random games and stats and stuff. It's really pretty wacky stuff. I wish they were more complete, because some of the stuff is pretty fascinating.

Anyway, the reason I did it was because Jamie Moyer went and got 7 strikeouts today against the Royals, which is his season high, I went and looked up some stats about him on Retrosheet (someone asked what his all-time season high K was on USSM, and I guess I got carried away.)

If you care, these are the single game highs for the M's starters (I'm counting Sele for lack of a better 5th). The "Lowest Hits" is for lowest hits in a complete game pitched.

           Lowest  Most  Most   Most   Most   Most
Hits K's HR's Runs Hits BB's
------ ---- ---- ---- ---- ----
Moyer 2 13 4 11 13 7
Franklin 2 9 4 8 12 5
Pineiro 3 12 3 8 12 6
Meche 5 11 4 8 10 8
Sele 2 13 3 10 13 7

In Ryan Franklin's two times that he allowed 8 runs, of the 16 runs, only 5 were earned.

In Pineiro's two times he allowed 8 runs, they were all earned. They were also both last year.

I'm not counting a one-hitter of Meche's where it was only 5 innings and called due to rain. All of his runs were earned in those high-run games -- the other weird part is how he let up 8 runs the very next start after getting that career-high 11 strikeouts, and he actually lost both outings.

Oh yeah, and Moyer's 13-strikeout game was on April 8, 1989. Felix Hernandez's birthday is April 8, 1986. So Jamie's highest strikeout day ever was on Felix's 3rd birthday. Isn't that bizarre?

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