Friday, August 26, 2005

16-Game Plan Won-Loss records

In case you didn't know already, I have season tickets to the Mariners. I have a 16-game plan, Plan E to be exact. Three of my good friends have a different 16-game plan, Plan B, because we were dumb and didn't coordinate with each other before the season started.

Whether or not we're all retarded for having Mariners season tickets this year is beside the point. My friends have complained that the Mariners seem to have a lousy winning record for games they've attended. I said that things didn't seem so bad at games I attend, except, truth be told, I go to twice as many games as they do, so it's hard for me to remember which games I've been to as part of my season ticket plan and which ones I have just gone to randomly.

So, I wrote a Perl script to go slurp in the plan info and game stats and calculate how many wins and losses each 16-game plan has had this year, to see if the suckitude was spread out through all plans equally, or if certain ones had better or worse won-loss records. And here's the breakdown:

Plan A : Won 5 out of 13 (38.46 percent)

Plan B : Won 4 out of 12 (33.33 percent)

Plan C : Won 8 out of 12 (66.66 percent)

Plan D : Won 5 out of 12 (41.66 percent)

Plan E : Won 7 out of 12 (58.33 percent)

Plan F : Won 5 out of 12 (41.66 percent)

Plan G : Won 4 out of 12 (33.33 percent)

So there you have it! It really WASN'T our imagination -- the Mariners have had a .583 winning percentage at games on my season ticket plan, and only .333 on my friends' season ticket plan! Fascinating, isn't it?

If you want to see the full report, including which teams they played, the scores, and the winning and losing pitchers, I did output it all to a file here.

Also, in case you are wondering how it is possible that the Mariners are currently 30-32 at home, yet it would appear that they are 38-47 by my calculations -- plans F and G are special "weekday games only" plans, which have games that overlap with the other plans, so some games have been counted twice.

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