Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tokyo Big 6 League S09 Championship Possibilities

So as it worked out, Soukeisen truly is meaningless this semester, as Meiji and Hosei have been neck and neck for the league title for most of the season, and even with Waseda winning on Monday, they have no chance at the league title.

(It's a little weird as the top 7 batters by average are 3 Waseda guys, 3 Hosei guys, and Keio's Urushibata... but the top four pitchers by ERA are Hosei's Futagami and Kagami, and Meiji's Nomura and Nanba. For all of the hype on Futagami, he HAS managed to strike out 35 guys and walk 1 in 36 innings, 4 complete games)

Anyway, the standings going into Soukeisen weekend are:

Hosei --- TWW WW LWW WW 10 8 1 1 4 .889
Meiji --- LWL WW WW WW 9 7 2 0 3 .778
Waseda TLL WLW --- LWW WW 11 6 4 1 3 .600
Keio LL LL --- LWW WW 9 4 5 0 2 .444
Rikkio WLL LL WLL WLL --- 11 3 8 0 0 .273
Tokyo LL LL LL LL --- 8 0 8 0 0 .000

SW, by the way, is "series win". I believe that Series Win is technically more important for the standings than strict W/L record -- though you need two wins to win a series. Last year, one series went four games as there was a tie in there too. And aside from getting trampled by Waseda last weekend, Meiji has been super-efficient in their series wins.

Anyway, this weekend -- the penultimate weekend of the season -- Meiji and Hosei play each other for the championship. From the Big 6 website:

法大が勝ち点       →    法大優勝
明大が2勝0敗で勝ち点 →    明大優勝
明大が2勝1敗で勝ち点 →    明大-法大で優勝決定戦(詳細未定)

Which means:
If Hosei wins the series (2-0, 2-1, 2-1-1, whatever, Hosei is the champion.
If Meiji wins the series 2-0, Meiji is the champion.
If Meiji wins the series 2-1, then Hosei and Meiji will have a playoff game for the championship (to be scheduled later).


If it doesn't rain, I'll be at Jingu on Sunday, since I'm not going down to Nagoya after all. Kagami's back on the roster and I kind of hope they'll play Futagami Saturday, Kagami Sunday. Also gotta see Todai try to win at least ONE game against Rikkio...

(If you're wondering, after Series Wins to determine champion, it goes to W/L, which is why even if Waseda wins Soukeisen, they don't have enough wins to catch whoever wins the Meiji-Hosei showdown.)

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