Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Possession is Nine-Tenths of the Law

(So it's batting .900 or so?)

Things Darvish has

A new son! Born Monday at 2:01pm in Sapporo. Congratulations to Darvish and Saeko!

Things Softbank has

A five-game winning streak to start the season. Yikes.

Things Kyuuji has

Sights set on playing his "A" game elsewhere?

Things Morino has

A healed hand and a spot back in the ichi-gun lineup!! After 6 weeks with a broken hand he seems to have come back just fine (he was 4-for-12 in the last three open-sen games which he got to play in). Hooray Dragonbutt!

Things Kensuke Tanaka has

HE HAS THE POWER!!! Kensuke hit two home runs in tonight's 9-1 routing of the Seibu Lions. I might point out that he has now hit 3 home runs so far in the 4 games this season... having hit three home runs for ALL OF LAST YEAR.

Seriously, I'm not unaccustomed to the idea of a Fighters middle infielder named Tanaka hitting a ton of home runs. It's just that in the past, his first name would have been Yukio (287 career HR, you know).

Things Deanna has

Official Fighters fan club card!
One ticket to each of the three Fighters games in the Sapporo Dome during Golden Week!

Things Deanna does NOT has

Plane tickets to go to Hokkaido.
Hotel reservations in Sapporo.


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