Monday, May 07, 2007


"It's like a haiku that forgot to stop."

Today's my birthday.
Sherrill and Putz are my age.
How'd I get so old?

Unfortunately, I was up in Canada all weekend and completely ignoring baseball, so I really have nothing useful to say, except maybe that Julio the Horrible is even more horrible than before. Beating up your wife is just plain not cool. It's even less cool than getting beaten by the Yankees, which is what the Mariners were doing all weekend after that crazy-ass Friday night game of "Who can suck more?" starring Kei Igawa and Cha Seung Baek.

As always, if you want humorous and incisive recaps of the games, go check out the verbal stylings of Jeff Sullivan.

Yukio Tanaka countdown: 3 hits left to 2000. He got another home run on Saturday, too!

Though, speaking of records, apparently Masaichi Kaneda (!!) was at the Mariners-Yankees game today to recognize Hideki Matsui's entrance into the Meikyukai, giving him an official jacket. How awesome is that?

Tim Lincecum, the #1 draft pick of the Giants last June, made his MLB debut tonight on national TV. His opponents were the Phillies, led by Cole Hamels. Old King Cole totally Felix'ed the spotlight, except that everyone already knew how awesome he was, so it wasn't entirely unexpected. The Phillies won the game 8-5, without the presence of You-Know-Who. Still, it's kind of funny thinking about how a year ago, I could have gone over to the University of Washington to see Lincecum pitch, and tonight he was the starter for the Giants. In comparison, a year ago Cole Hamels was about to get called up from AAA, since they figured that a guy who's kicking enough butt in the minors to strike out 36 and walk 1 in 23 innings is probably ready to kick some bigger butt. They were right, of course. And I'm still pissed off that I had waiver claim #2 at that point in my fantasy league...

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