Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Random Stuff

The Penny Arcade guys, who live in Seattle, apparently also experienced the Super Bowl fallout. I don't know, I thought it was pretty funny.

I have a feeling there might not be very much baseball blog content from me for the next few days - I'm sort of overwhelmed with other stuff.

So on that note, I saw the musical stage adaptation of The Wedding Singer at the 5th Avenue Theater yesterday. It was pretty awesome. Highly recommended. I was actually surprised by how good it was, given that last time I went to a big hyped "pre-Broadway" thing there, it was Princesses, which isn't likely to ever see the light of day in New York. Wedding Singer, on the other hand, is slated to open in March, I believe. The other interesting thing is that they're changing the musical from day to day, apparently -- there were at least two songs in last night's performance that weren't even listed in the program. So go see it.

My mom got me the "Take Me Out To the Ballpark" wall calendar for 2006, which is hanging by my desk at work. (This month? Astrodome.) It has a baseball person's birthday and year on every day. Sometimes, this is neat because you see that Hank Aaron's birthday is February 5th, and Babe Ruth's was February 6th. Today, it mentions Joe Black's birthday (in 1924). However, it also has Joe Black listed as the birthday on February 14th (also 1924, so it's not a different Joe Black). Well, they can't both be right, can they? And even so, wouldn't they know how obvious a mistake it was if they had them BOTH on the calendar? Baseball-reference says Feb 8th, so that's what I'd believe.

Some days it's obvious why they picked a guy, but some days I have to wonder. Tomorrow, they have Bill Veeck's birthday listed, rather than Vladimir Guerrero, Todd Pratt, John Kruk, Mookie Wilson, Clete Boyer, Vic Wertz, or Heinie Zimmerman. Then again, Joe Black typo aside, I'm not even sure who they'd pick for February 14. Damaso Marte? Candy LaChance? Or at least they could have been funny and typoed it as Bobby Valentine's birthday or something.

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