Wednesday, February 15, 2006

(Bobby) Valentine's Day, and Beerleaguer's cool interview sound clips

So, as I mentioned, I discovered Bobby Valentine's blog the other day. On February 14th, which was actually almost two days ago now on their side of the planet, Bobby actually did a streaming video greeting for Valentine's Day... speaking in Japanese, even! (Don't worry, the English version of the site has it translated.)

I also finally downloaded and listened to the sound files that Jason the Beerleaguer (an excellent Phillies blogger) had put up on his site of interviews from the media schmooze session at the Phillies Winter Tour a few weeks ago. They're really awesome to listen to. He has a very candid conversation with manager Charlie Manuel, ten minutes of chatting about anything from managing the team to breakout players to some of the prospects to Pat Gillick to David Bell's fielding, all kinds of stuff. He also taped an interview with closer Tom Gordon. Since most of us don't usually get to be a fly on the wall (or a beer on the wall) at these sorts of events, I really enjoyed getting to listen to these. I've linked to the blog entries, not the actual files, in case he either moves or takes them down. But still. Very cool stuff, you should take a listen.

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