Friday, July 27, 2007

Stitching, pitching, packing, etc.

I'm still alive. I went to the game tonight (with a bunch of female friends for a change), and the Mariners lost (also for a change, making my record 16-5). I'm really sorry. My guess is that my magic didn't work because I was sitting in row 25 of a 300-level section -- my first time ever sitting that high -- and I actually knitted four rows of a scarf -- and hey, something else I just realized, the Mariners haven't actually won a game on Stitch'n'Pitch night in the last three years. I have some pictures which I'll maybe post later if I have time. Right now my USB cord is taken up with backing up files to a portable hard drive, and I forgot to get pictures off the camera first.

I've been frantically getting rid of stuff all week and/or packing things into boxes, or trying to do last-minute random shopping and such. I'm leaving town on Sunday. I have a ticket to Saturday afternoon's Mariners game, but I'm not sure whether I'll go. I was thinking I'd drop by at Churchill's party on Saturday too, but it also depends on how frantic things are by then. There's a chance I'll get to see the Aquasox play while I'm in Vancouver for training, actually...

I hope the Mariners aren't losing because I've been ignoring them the last few days, or we're all in big trouble, because I'm not sure how much I'll be able to keep up with baseball per se for a while. And then none of them will have any hair left. I heard Weaver has to shave his head for not getting a win tonight, after getting left out of the initial hairdo party...

I watched part of the Hawks-Marines game a few nights ago. It bugs me that I can't come up with a pitching matchup in the MLB that intrigues me the same way a Kazumi Saitoh vs. Shunsuke Watanabe matchup does. Funny part is, that might actually be more because there's just no equivalent of Watanabe right now -- a true submarine starting pitcher. Or am I just totally out of the loop lately?

(PS - If you know me in person and haven't gotten to say goodbye to me and want to, drop me a line in email. I'm having a non-goodbye non-party on Saturday night, and there's also a chance that I'll go to the game on Saturday afternoon.)

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