Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday Foto: Just One of the 10,000

Yeah, I know, I still haven't written up last Saturday. I suck. I've been buried in stuff and trying to pack or toss everything I own. Does anyone want a bunch of baseball cards?

Anyway, while going through old stuff I found a few old photos and scanned them in. They suck, but in honor of the Phillies losing their 10,000th game a few days ago, I felt like contributing a story to Celebrate 10,000, from just one of the many losses I saw:
It was 1993, and my friends and I decided to go to a Phillies game together for the heck of it. We were all in high school, and in that obnoxious phase where we all wanted to be on the big screen. So we bought a bunch of GA tickets for $2.50 or whatever they were back then, and sat way up in the 700 level, and painted up a big sheet that said "PUT US ON TV AND THE PHILLIES WILL WIN".

They didn't put us on TV. The Phillies didn't win.
And here's the pictures from that day, which I just found:

I wish I knew what game this actually was, but alas. All I remember is that it was late 1993; and the seats are yellow and the stadium's crowded, so that'd make sense.

You know, I'm not actually sure I've ever brought signs to the park aside from that game and this past week's Raully Fries. I must be forgetting in my old age.

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