Wednesday, July 11, 2007

All-Star Game Undead Unblogging

[Deanna gets home from work, turns on TV]

"Whew, it's only the third inning? Cool. Aw, National League is up 1-0 already."

"Oh, it's that Bonds guy. Hahaha... look at the way he thinks that's a homer. Sit down, dude."

"Yay! Cole Hamels!"

"Hmm. Prince Fielder is big."

"Chris Young is tall and he is throwing at people's feet."

"Oooh, Eric Byrnes! On a boat! Whee! Wow, he just threw his dog into McCovey's Cove on national TV. That's pretty funny. He's so awesome. I wonder if--

"--uhh... uhh... wait, did Ichiro just..."

"...holy crap! An inside-the-park home run! How awesome is that? That was the first one ever in all-star history? Wow! I think I'll turn off the TV and go run errands now, because nothing in the rest of the game is going to be as exciting as that was." [leaves]

[gets home, turns TV back on at 8:45pm or so]

"It's JJ. That must mean it's the end of the game. Wait, it's the bottom of the 9th, 2 outs, 1-2 count on Dmitri freaking Young. Woohoo! Better watch this one end..."

"That was lame. Jose Lopez would have made that play. Brian Roberts sucks. WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT ISN'T AN ERROR?"

"Hmm... despite that I want the game to end, I think I would be really amused to see JJ Putz pitching to JJ Hardy..."


"Of course those aren't strikes, Posada's setting up somewhere in the vicinity of Haight-Ashbury. Sheesh. Poor JJ."

"K-Rod is such a freak."

"*Such* a freak."

"COME ON ALREADY, THIS IS RETARDED. Throw a strike dammit!"

"WOOHOO! Suck it, National League!"

[ponders whether her presence jinxed JJ but helped Ichiro]

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