Monday, October 04, 2010

Photopost: Dragons Victory Sales!

I went to Nagoya for the weekend, and saw the Dragons lose their final game to the Swallows, but have a huge championship ceremony thing after the game anyway. More on that later. I'm a little swamped catching up on stuff, so here are some photos of what is REALLY important to the residents of Aichi Prefecture when the Dragons clinch the pennant: victory SALES!

Here I am in front of the big Victory Sale sign outside Bic Camera.

The next several shots are from the AEON Mall right by the Nagoya Dome...

Baskin Robbins had a victory sale sign up...

...but I am unclear what the sale was. Some kind of present for kids who got ice cream.

This place gave a 50 yen discount on negitorodon, which is basically raw tuna mixed with scallions on top of rice.

We actually got ice cream from this place, but not the sale items... they had 30-yen discounts on their waffle cone sundaes.

Here:s a jewelry store. Not sure what their discount was.

Another jewelry store which appears to just have a big 20% off sale going.

The middle of the mall -- I actually think these signs are always there, not special for this occasion.

A men's fashion store has a 20-50% sale on certain items.

This watch store, their deal was that if you bought a watch that cost more than 10,000 yen (a little over $100), you got 20% off. This is why these sales rarely matter for me.

A suit store had 20% off various suits.

Shoe store also had a 20% off sale going.

A drugstore in Nagoya station that had 10% off stuff (everything?) and also had a bunch of Doala dolls for sale, randomly... but they were pretty ugly.

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