Sunday, November 11, 2007

2007 NPB Fall Fan Festivals

In case you are wondering why several of these are on Friday November 23, it's because that's a national holiday in Japan.

Of course, I have to work Saturdays, so I couldn't go to half of these even if I wanted to.

(In case you are wondering what "Kansha no Tsudoi" means, it's 感謝の集い, or "meeting of thanks", basically. A lot of these Fan Fests were called "Thanks, Fans!" days instead.)

Personally, I'm hoping to go to the Marines one on the 18th and the Baystars one on the 23rd. If I go really crazy I could try to head to one of them on the 25th, but that'd require going to either Fukuoka or Sapporo, or down for the SeaRex one, maybe.

Pacific League

Fighters Fan Festival
Sunday, Nov 25
11am - 3pm (doors at 9:30am)
Sapporo Dome

Marines Expo 2007
Sunday, Nov 18
10am - 3pm (doors at 8am)
Chiba Marine Stadium

Hawks Kansha no Tsudoi
Sunday, Nov 25
10am - 4pm
Fukuoka Yahoo Dome
Price: 1200 yen

Eagles Fan Kansha Matsuri 2007
Saturday, Nov 17
11am - 4pm
Miyagi Fullcast Stadium

Seibu Kansha no Tsudoi
Friday, Nov 23
11:30am - 2:40pm (doors at 10:30am)
Seibu Goodwill Dome

Buffaloes Fan Festa
Friday, Nov 23
11am - 1:30pm (doors at 10am)
Skymark Stadium

Central League

Chunichi Fan Kansha Day
Saturday, Nov 24
11am - 2pm
Nagoya Dome

Giants Fan Festa 2007
Friday, Nov 23
10am - 2pm
Tokyo Dome

Hanshin Fan Tsudoi 2007
Saturday, Nov 17
11am - 3pm (doors at 10am)
Intex Osaka

2007 Baystars Festa
Friday, Nov 23
Starts at 1pm (I don't see an end time listed)
Yokohama Stadium

(There is also a Shonan SeaRex festa in their news page, on Sunday Nov 25.)

2007 Carp Fan Kansha Day
Friday, Nov 23
Starts at 10:30am (doors at 10am, I don't see an end time listed)
Hiroshima Municipal Stadium

Yakult 2007 Fan Kansha Day
Friday, Nov 23
Doors at 10am, starts at 11am (I don't see an end time listed)
Meiji Jingu Stadium

PS -- I'm going to the finals of the Konami Cup / Asia Series in a few hours. SK Wyverns vs. Chunichi Dragons for the rematch and the win. In honor of that I'm posting this hilarious Youtube video I found last night -- it's of people walking to the Nagoya Dome before the first game of the playoffs. They're doing the "nerai uchi" chance music... until they run into a group of louder people doing "uchimakure". Fun!

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