Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Seventy-Nine Fruit Baskets

I just thought this was really cool and it warranted its own post because otherwise I'll forget it.

Bobby Valentine sends Tommy Lasorda a bizarre birthday gift.

Tommy Lasorda appreciates it.

The story: Apparently, Tommy Lasorda had said to some of his former players at one point or another (including Valentine), "You guys never got me a birthday gift -- not even a fruit basket."

Lasorda sent Bobby a birthday card this year via Japanese reporter courier post, and so Bobby thought it'd be a good idea to rectify this birthday gift situation. He contacted a whole bunch of Lasorda's former players from all over, and at 10am on September 22nd, Lasorda was greeted by a strange delivery -- 79 fruit baskets for his 79th birthday, each one with a personal message from one of his players. There's a crazy picture of Lasorda surrounded by a whole ton of fruit baskets in that second link. It's pretty funny -- check it out.

And in case you're wondering, rather than eating all of that fruit or letting it go to waste, he donated it to the UCLA Children's Hospital.

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