Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I Hate Rain

I would have a game report, except the Tigers-Giants game tonight got rained out.


Thanks to this stupid typhoon, pretty much all of Japan has a weather forecast of thunderstorms for most of the rest of my trip. This sucks.

We heard the game was cancelled around 4:15 and ended up heading out to Koshien anyway, where I got my tickets refunded, but they were sold out for the weekend. Came back to Umeda and... bought a ticket for Saturday's Tigers game from the tickets-to-everything non-Hanshin stand in the station. So if it doesn't rain out, Saturday I'll go to two games -- Fighters-Buffaloes and Tigers-BayStars. Still, GODDAMNIT. I'm pretty unhappy about this.

Tomorrow I go to Nagoya, where they have a domed stadium so this rain won't matter. Friday I go to Hiroshima, where it'll probably rain out and I'll probably kill something.

I guess my only funny baseball story for today is that I was walking back to the hotel through the covered shopping area near here, and wearing a Hanshin Tigers t-shirt (Kanemoto #6) and a bunch of guys suddenly see me and come up and want to shake my hand, and I can't figure out why until they're like "Tigers fan! Tigers fan, deshou?" and suddenly I remember what shirt I'm wearing and just say "Hai!" and tell them how I had tickets to today's game and it was cancelled and boy was that a shame, and they agreed and showed me things like the Tigers necklaces they were wearing and the icons on their phones of things like the Tiger mascot crushing the Giabbit and whatnot. And that was pretty cool... I think.

Great, getting kicked off the computer again.

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