Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday Folio: Kaneko to Kensuke to Guts

This goes out to nanbanjin from the forums, who probably didn't realize I take dares/requests like this seriously.

(for reference: I ended up stressing the second syllable of Kaneko, which isn't really right. Kensuke is two syllables (if you've never heard it yelled, "KEN-SKAY"). "hachi" 蜂 is a bee and "tonbo" 蜻蛉 is a dragonfly and that was really just me being a total dork. The challenge was to write a poem about the Nippon Ham Fighters' double-play combo, sort of along the lines of "Tinker to Evers to Chance", so this is about shortstop Makoto Kaneko, second baseman Kensuke Tanaka, and first baseman Michihiro "Guts" Ogasawara.)

Kaneko to Kensuke to Guts

Twas forty-four years since we'd last won a series
The reason for this had eluded all theories.
This season was different; more focused, intense
We had a great weapon: our infield defense,
Kaneko, Tanaka, and Guts.

More known for his fielding instead of his bat,
Our golden glove shortstop, team leader at that.
He zips through the air like a hachi or tonbo
For turning a grounder or double-play combo
Kaneko to Kensuke to Guts.

"The other Tanaka", as we used to know him,
Can hit 'em, can bunt 'em, can field 'em and throw 'em.
One play's in the outfield away from the bags
Next instant he's back, slapping down pickoff tags
And throwing the baseball to Guts.

Then over at first base (and sometimes at third)
As lithe as a tiger and sharp as a bird,
No liner gets past him, no throw is too high,
As steady as mountains and endless as sky
Our samurai batsman, our Guts.

The squadron of Dragons prepared their attacks
But we quenched all their fires, defending the sacks.
Though baserunners happened, no runs would they get;
This talented keystone would end any threat,
Kaneko to Kensuke to Guts.

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