Monday, October 30, 2006

Fighters Folio: The Spaceman Sonnet

This is a sequel to Kaneko to Kensuke to Guts. This one's about LF Hichori Morimoto, CF Tsuyoshi Shinjo, and RF Atsunori Inaba.

Yeah, this is really what I do when I'm trying to come up with things to write in the offseason (and trying to ignore Ogasawara-related hot stove gossip). I wonder if it'd be worth trying to translate these and send them to the team somehow.

Aliens In The Outfield

In outer space, in outer field, these three
Would often wear their gloves instead of caps;
The strangest of the spacemen, Hichori
From Piccolo to playoffs, manned the gaps.
The tone was set by Shinjo; he performed
Flamboyant stunts and skillful fielding plays;
To all these crazy things Inaba warmed
And in the Series set his bat ablaze.
They ran to walls, to tracks, to catch, to throw,
To bring the team a victory at last,
Their feats behind the plate would also grow,
One got on base, the other drove him past.
It ended in a leap, a hug goodbye,
From teammate shoulders, Shinjo soon would fly.

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