Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dirt Diamond Double Dactyls, Part 1

I blame Athletics Nation's "poet" "laureate" Monkeyball for this, but every now and then I get on another Double Dactyl writing kick. Now I find myself compulsively looking through rosters for guys with dactyls for their last names.

Anyway, I wrote one in an AN comment and a second one just now for the heck of it, and though I was planning to start writing a Japan Series preview tonight, I may end up adding to these instead. Join me! It's a surprisingly addictive and fun poetry form.

Ellis and Scutaro
noticed a pattern while
viewing their splits:
"Phooey on Beane and his
Moneyball, schmoneyball,
We just get hits."

Washburn and Johjima
Argued a bit in a
chat on the mound:
"Seems that our problem's not
Japanese, schmapanese,
Keep the ball DOWN!"

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