Saturday, October 28, 2006

Done Playing Cards For The Year

Congratulations to the St. Louis Taguchis Cardinals, who just came home with their tenth World Series crown!

I have to admit that I didn't pay much attention to the World Series this year, due to generally being either asleep or at work while the games were being rained out going on. What I did see was:

1) Jeff Weaver pitching in the World Series and Jered Weaver sitting in the stands.
2) Jeff Weaver winning the last game of the World Series. Who'd have ever predicted that one?
3) Ickle David Eckstein got the World Series MVP! He's shorter than *I* am!
4) Mayor Sean Casey kicking butt, while the rest of the Tigers took a catnap.
5) A team that won 5 regular season games more than the Mariners won the World Series.
6) SO TAGUCHI!111!111!!!1!11!1

The latter is probably because my brain's been stuck on the other side of the Pacific for the last few months. But seriously, you've got to love the Japanese press, where the top MLB headline on Sankei Sports was カージナルス世界一に王手!田口の神技バントに運の神様降臨, or "Cardinals win World Series! Taguchi's divine bunting is like the fortune of God descending!" or something to that effect. But you see, it really was the case that Taguchi guided the Cardinals to this championship. You'll note that in the World Series, the only game they lost was the only game he didn't play in. Therefore, I nominate So Taguchi as the true World Series MVP.

On another note, you can now pre-order the BIG DREAM! Complete 2006 Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters DVD on It claims to be 5 hours long with highlights from the entire season, which should be pretty cool! I'm really looking forward to it.

(Also, I went ahead and sponsored the pages of Shinjo, Seguignol, Micheal, and Macias on Thought it was a shame they were all unloved like that.)

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