Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ryan "It's All About the Benjamin" Franklin

Just to make sure you all know, since I seem to be the resident Seattle person with Phillies-Mariners dual blogizenship: Yes, I'm aware that the Phillies signed Ryan Franklin, for a whopping $2.6 million.

Later tonight, when I'm not at work and not playing videogames (I just got my shipment of "yay, the holidays are over, I can order myself some stuff" import PS2 games yesterday! Whee!), I'll have something more to say about the matter. Maybe I'll even finish writing up the historical blurb I was originally working on before debunking the Jack Nabors story sidetracked me.

At any rate, this signing doesn't really bother me. Then again, I lived through the Phillies in the late 80's, and the Mariners in the last two years, and I still had fun, so maybe it's just my own ability to enjoy bad baseball. Plus, this not only ups the Ryan quota on the Phillies, but it also guarantees that with Billy Wagner gone, there'll still be some goateed redhaired hick pitcher to mouth off at the press all the time and complain about how lousy the Phillies fans are. Yay!

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