Monday, January 16, 2006

Blog Cabins, falling down

This is a bit of a meta-post. I use my "Baseball Blogs" list in the sidebar of this blog as my "blogs I check almost every day" list, so as a result I recently culled off a few blogs because I was sad that I'd keep looking there and see no new posts. I used "hasn't posted in over a month" as my culling criteria; they're just commented out though, as I expect several blogs to start up again once Spring Training is underway. Notably, I took off the Seattle PI blog, Marty's Mariners, and, sadly, my "blog sister" Moira's Mariner Housewife... hopefully she'll start posting again next season? Anyone hear from her lately?

Actually, are there any other female-written Mariners blogs that slipped past my radar? Aside from msb being a prolific USSM super-reader-and-commenter, I'm largely unaware of any female influences on the M's blogosphere these last few months. (Hell, I'm not even sure *I* count as an "influence", although I've realized that there may actually be more than two or three people who read this thing regularly these days.)

Anyway, the actual reason I'm writing this post is -- does anyone know what happened to the Ball-Wonk? I really enjoyed reading his blog, even if it is about the Nats, and as far as I can tell, he hasn't posted since December 9th, with no particular indication of going on vacation or anything. I did send him email a while back and never got a response, so I'm curious what's up.

(EDIT> Ironically, the day I post "Where the hell is Ball-Wonk?" is the day Ball-Wonk decides to resurface to the blogosphere. So, that's answered, at least.)

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