Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday Foto

I was going to write more about Ryan Franklin, but I spent the evening playing videogames and doing laundry as I expected, so it'll have to wait.

Instead, let's dwell a second on someone else -- Met Boone. Shea what? I sort of hope that Boone makes the team and Kaz Matsui gets moved somewhere else, but I don't really see it happening.

Anyway, this Friday Foto is dedicated to you, Bret Boone, a small worm in a big apple. Here's to standing next to a first baseman who's only half a foot, rather than a whole foot taller than you:

Richie is tall, Bret is not

I took this picture in April, back when we still all thought this team might actually win 80 games, and so it was okay to take great enjoyment at pointing out that Richie Sexson made Bret Boone look even more like a midget.

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