Sunday, June 19, 2005

So, uh, how 'bout 'dem Mets?

My brother and I went to Friday night's game. Oddly, I mostly remember sitting around chatting with my brother and the people who sit in my section more than I remember specific details of the game (though I did keep a scorecard, and the scorers seemed to be on crack. At one point the official scorers called a ball that Boone missed basically on account of not being five inches taller an error -- and later revoked it. Sheesh). Pat Borders at one point pounded a double that would have been a triple for any player under the age of 40, and my brother's like "So, uh, what's the deal with that slow guy?" and I'm like "Uhh, lemme tell you the saga of the Mariners' catchers. First there was Dan. And Miguel. Then Dan got hurt. Then there was Wiki. Then there wasn't Wiki. Then there was Rene. Then Miguel sucked so much at hitting that he went to Tacoma. Now there is Pat."

Oh, and the Mariners won, 5-0. Jamie Moyer stayed in for most of the game, but he was taken out in the 8th with two down, after he walked the bases loaded. Amazingly, Jeff Nelson came in and struck out Marlon Anderson to end the inning, and he ended up getting a save after also taking down the 9th inning scorelessly.

Dobbs was optioned to Tacoma and Jose Lopez was called up. Lopez played 3B tonight, but it's possible he may threaten Boone into not sucking at 2B, if we're lucky. Ichiro hit a three-run homer, which was pretty sweet.

As far as the Mets go -- Ishii did a pretty poor pitching job. And sadly Mike Cameron wasn't playing. He has a problem with his knee or something. They did have him come out at the beginning of the game and bring the lineup card to the plate, and he got a huge ovation from the Seattle crowds. I was also sad that Kazuo Matsui wasn't playing, because I wanted to see him, but they put him in as a defensive replacement at 2B for the 8th inning, at least. He looks so weird since he cut his hair.

Oh yeah. And let me tell you that no words have sounded more odd than "Centerfielder Willie Bloomquist", but it turned out it didn't matter -- of the pop outs to the outfield, only one went to center; eight went to left field, and two went to right field. I guess it's because so many people were hitting righty against Jamie Moyer, maybe.

Then there was today's game. I didn't go on account of "Well, it's Pedro Martinez, vs. Ryan Franklin, at SAFECO FIELD. Is there ANY reason to go when you pretty much know that Pedro's never lost to the Mariners, and Ryan Franklin never gets run support from normal pitching?

When I saw the score later that day, and saw the Mariners won, I was pretty shocked. And to find that it happened with Hansen playing first, Willie Baseball at third, Lopez at 2nd and Morse at SS... yeah. Crazy stuff.

I think the Infinite Improbability Drive is still in action, so if Ichiro hits four home runs tomorrow, don't be too surprised.

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