Thursday, June 02, 2005

Mariners Uno

Yes, I'm a tool. I bought the Mariners Uno card game when I saw it in the Team Store at the end of the 2003 season. I was cleaning my apartment this evening and found it under a pile of stuff.

Anyway, it's pretty funny to look at it now -- let's give you a run-down of the cards, and what happened to the players in question:

1 - Freddy Garcia - Traded to Chicago White Sox, June 2004
2 - Dan Wilson - Still on the team, out for 2005 with torn ACL
3 - John Olerud - DFA'ed July 2004, signed with Yankees, now with Red Sox
4 - Bret Boone
5 - Carlos Guillen - Traded to Detroit Tigers, January 2004
6 - Jeff Cirillo - Traded to San Diego Padres, January 2004
7 - Mark McLemore - Departed via free agency to Baltimore, February 2004, now retired
8 - Mike Cameron - Departed via free agency to Mets, December 2003
9 - Ichiro
0 - Edgar Martinez - Retired, October 2004
Reverse - Mike Cameron - See 8
Skip - Mark McLemore - See 7
Draw Two - Freddy Garcia & Dan Wilson - See 1 & 2
Wild - Dan Wilson - Poor Dan :(
Wild Draw Four - Umpire - Well, some things will never change

There's also an "Open Roof" card which has a picture of Safeco Field, the rule being that it's a wild card but you also can pick a player and look through their hand. Safeco ought to be here a while, I think.

Yeah, so if you bought the Mariners Uno set, you might be looking at it now like "Ichiro... Bret Boone... who are the rest of these guys?"

I suppose it's normal roster movement, but I think the parts that are sadder are looking at how well Guillen, Garcia, etc are doing now. Maybe Seattle's just cursed.

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