Wednesday, October 08, 2008


So many things to write about, so few functioning braincells recently.

I got home from work tonight around midnight and opened a Bikkuriman Pro Yakyu 2008 wafer, as I do every few days now. I'd stopped eating them regularly a few weeks ago, but was still holding out hopes that I'd get a G.G. Satoh sticker so I wouldn't have to go wandering through the dark alleys of hobby shops, looking for memorabilia peddlers with their shiny cartoonish stickers, saying, "hey, man, I'll give you anything for a GG. I'll give you 6 Kazumi Saitohs. I'll give you a Darvish. I'll give you whatever you want, just please make this suffering end!"

And well, finally, my suffering ended, at 12:30am, October 8, 2008. 出た。

By the way, the G.G. Satoh sticker is EASILY the lamest and ugliest one of the entire set, IMO. It doesn't even really look like him. I'm pretty disappointed in general; it feels like an anticlimactic ending after I spent 2 months having every sticker EXCEPT him. The set is overall pretty fantastic, which is why I got so caught up in collecting them a few months ago.

Here's my final tally. If anyone out there is collecting, and needs any of the ones I have insane amounts of doubles of, let me know. I'm pretty open to trades; heck, I ended up giving away a whole bunch of them in the first place.

Giants: Hisanori Takahashi x4, Yoshinobu Takahashi x4, *Shinnosuke Abe x3
Dragons: Kenshin Kawakami x3, Motonobu Tanishige x5, *Hitoki Iwase
Tigers: Keiji Uezono x4, Makoto Imaoka x5, *Kyuji Fujikawa x3
Baystars: Hayato Terahara, Toshihisa Nishi x4, *Shuichi Murata x3
Carp: Kan Ohtake x3, Kenta Kurihara x7, *Katsuhiro Nagakawa x3
Swallows: Hirotoshi Ishii x4, Shinya Miyamoto x3, *Norichika Aoki x3

Fighters: Yu Darvish x2, Atsunori Inaba x3, *Hichori Morimoto x3
Marines: Yoshihisa Naruse x3, Tsuyoshi Nishioka x3, *Tomoya Satozaki x4
Hawks: Takahiro Mahara x5, Hiroki Kokubo x4, *Kazumi Saitoh x7
Eagles: Masahiro Tanaka x3, Yosuke Takasu x4, *Takeshi Yamasaki x2
Lions: Fumiya Nishiguchi x2, G.G. Satoh, *Hiroyuki Nakajima x6
Buffaloes: Daisuke Katoh x3, Tuffy Rhodes x4, *Kazuhiro Kiyohara x4

Maybe I can have a contest, like "write a poem or song about your favorite team or player and I'll send you the team set". That would be pretty funny.

* until Bikkuriman 2009. Plus I still have 8 unopened ones from this year's set left to open and eat. I swear if I get a second GG Satoh I'm going to punch someone, probably Satoh himself.


Anonymous said...

Hi, was wondering if you were still looking to trade any of these. My wife and I are somewhat-long term readers of this blog, she is from Aichi and I'm from the Seattle-area.
Anyways, I hadn't seen this entry until you linked to it from today's.
I would really like to have one of the Kawakami Kenshin stickers.
I don't know if I have anything you'd like, I have a few 70s era Menko cards with yakyu players, also some BBM and Calbee.
Please let me know if you are interested.
Keep up the good work on the site, great pics!!! Liked your post about PGE Park, wanted to check that place out, but never made it.

Deanna said...

Hey, thanks for your comment.

Unfortunately, my Bikkuriman books are in the US right now, so I'm not actually sure which ones I still have doubles of :( I know I definitely gave a Dragons pair to a friend of mine, but can't remember if I kept an extra Kenshin or not.

If you're in Japan though, there are card shops which have these though... the Mint stores in Tokyo definitely do but it's a matter of which ones they happen to have, and the stickers usually go for the 300-500 yen range. Kenshin might be more, I'm not sure, I haven't looked in a while.

Isaac said...

Thanks for the reply.
We live in Washington.
Will have to keep my eyes open next time we go to Japan.
That is one sweet sticker!