Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Camera Went To The Ballgame, And All I Got Was These Lousy Photos

I'm a complete idiot and spent so long playing with the photos I took at the game tonight that I'm now dead tired and unable to write a game report right this second. You can click on any of the above little pictures to go to the photoset I put together (the first page or two is mostly Angels, the last page or two is mostly Mariners)

Note: The guy in the upper right corner is Jason Davis, who just joined the team a day or two ago. Looks almost like John Cusack, doesn't he?

I'll write more tomorrow, though to be fair, there isn't that much to say. John Lackey is really a pretty good pitcher, but we knew that already. Scot Shields still cracks me up. This was my 8th Mariners game of the season so far, and with tonight's loss, my record is now 6-2.

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