Monday, December 04, 2006

Who the hell is *THAT*?

You know how people compare the Yomiuri Giants to being like the New York Yankees? Well, that comparison just went one step further today.

Ogasawara in a Giants uniform
(from here)

Ogasawara has no facial hair
(from here)

Who the hell is that guy, and what has he done with the Guts we all know and love?

Whoever he is, he sure doesn't LOOK like Michihiro Ogasawara to me. Ogasawara's supposed to have facial hair and wear a Fighters hat. This guy's just some weird clean-shaven doppleganger who's playing for the Giants.

I bet this is what Red Sox fans felt like seeing Johnny Damon in clean-cut Yankee-mode for the first time...

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