Monday, January 02, 2006

Public Service Announcement: 2006 Ticket Prices

So, we season ticket holders, even the 16-game-plan peasants, have received a whole bunch of stuff in the mail from the Mariners in the last few weeks, as is typical this time of year. They sent a little mini-schedule for 2006, and I hadn't noticed this before, but it's looking like they've actually raised prices this year. In my honest opinion, the prices are already pretty damn high as is, and it's not like the team's gotten any better...

The official site still has all the prices listed as TBD on their Seating & Pricing page, so I scanned in the little price chart from this year's schedule, and also from one of last year's. Note that season ticket prices haven't changed a bit (and looking as far back as I can, they're still the same as they were in 2003) but all of the single game tickets except the centerfield bleachers have gone up:

2005 prices 2006 prices

Box seats are up to $55 for a single game, from $45 in 2003 and $50 last year. Even the single game prices to sit in the upper deck is up to $18.

Looking around some other teams' sites, I guess I should just be glad we don't have complicated pricing schemes involving different prices for different days of the week vs. different teams we're playing vs. advance tickets vs. day of game tickets. And I realize we're not the most expensive team to see, sure, but I guess I'm feeling like I'll be less inclined to just spring for seeing games in box seats for the hell of it than I was last year. Which is a shame, because sitting close enough to the field to see the wrinkles in Jamie Moyer's face is just plain cool.

And even with seven kinds of mustard, is the Terrace Club really worth $60 to sit in?

But anyway, rant off. I'm sure I'll still be at too many games for my own good next year. Just figured I'd do people a favor and let them know what was up with prices.

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