Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Takafumi Nakamura, from Chuo to Cleveland?

Well, it's been rumored before, and now that the draft has passed, the Indians are infact signing Takafumi Nakamura, it seems.

I don't have a lot to say about him since I only saw him play once. (He doesn't play on the top team much ever since Yamasaki and Sawamura showed up.) He played a lot more when Chuo was a 2nd-tier team (the Tohto league has 4 levels and relegation), but seems to have walked a lot of guys.

I wasn't even keeping score of the game I saw him in, either. Records show he pitched 1.2 innings and walked 2, and I remember he walked in a run. So.

Takafumi Nakamura

Takafumi Nakamura

I'm mostly posting these photos to see how long it takes someone to steal them :) Somehow I'm guessing there aren't that many English-speaking bloggers who have actually seen this guy play...

Anyway, Patrick pointed out that MLB teams like taking guys who they think they can develop, so I guess with Nakamura's huge frame (he's listed as 195/89, which IS gigantic for a Japanese guy) and CAN reach the 90's, it makes sense. Who knows. Maybe we'll see him back here in Japan in a few years like Tadano... it'll be interesting to see what happens with him, I guess.

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