Monday, October 20, 2008

Choking Tiger, Hittin' Dragon

I am so totally going to get punched in the face for making this one, but I couldn't help it when I saw this photo on Sanspo...

I realize they're not exactly in the right positions for the joke. Whatever. The Dragons managed to actually beat the Tigers in the 3-game Central League first stage playoffs. The game was tied at 0-0 for what seemed like freaking forever until Kyuji accidentally gave Tyrone an offer he couldn't refuse, and BAM, 2-0. Crazy.

Also, the Rays and Phillies are playing in the World Series! Awesome! I am, of course, rooting for the Phillies. And in a weird twist of fate, at the new place I just moved into, I don't have internet, and I don't have very good reception for terrestrial TV stations, but I *do* have BS1 and BS2, which means I should actually be able to watch the World Series, assuming I wake up early enough, but I won't be able to blog it.

(Yeah, so I moved from the south butt-end of Saitama to the north butt-end of Tokyo; I'll be living there for the next month or so before I head back to America for 2-3 months for family reasons, and then I hope to return to Japan early next year for baseball season.)

It also means that my blog-updating is going to be even more sporadic over the next few weeks. Sorry. You should go read other blogs like the Tsubamegun, they've been on a mad updating rampage recently despite the Swallows crashing into a glass window this year.

I went to the Seibu Dome on Sunday and watched the Fighters win a game there for my first time EVER. Seriously. In 3 years of watching Fighters-Lions matches, I never managed to see the Fighters win. And boy, was this the right time for it. I do have an entry in the works about that game, hopefully I'll be able to finish it sometime, when I'm not going nuts finishing up my job or cleaning my old apartment or unpacking in my new place or trying to actually GO to more postseason games, like this coming Wednesday night at Seibu, when the Fighters will win the championship!

At the same time, on Wednesday night, the Dragons and Giants will start the Central League Second Stage. I wonder whether all those Tigers fans who bought up tickets will still go to the games, or whether there's suddenly going to be a whole bunch of tickets available at the resellers...

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