Thursday, October 30, 2008

2008 NPB Golden Gloves

(Scroll down to see the 2008 Draft post, I'm still adding to it)

The lists are out. The CL infield is all Dragons, which should mostly not come as a surprise to anyone who has watched Arakibata The Two-headed DP Machine, and the PL is dominated by Fighters again, which also goes without saying.

Announced here (in Japanese):
     Central League                         Pacific League
(1) Masanori Ishikawa (YS) P (2) Yu Darvish (NHF)
(2) Shinnosuke Abe (YG) C (1) Toru Hosokawa (SL)
(1) Takahiro Arai (HT) 1B (1) Alex Cabrera (OB)
(1) Kenta Kurihara (HC) 1B
(5) Masahiro Araki (CD) 2B (3) Kensuke Tanaka (NHF)
(7)* Norihiro Nakamura (CD) 3B (4) Toshiaki Imae (CLM)
(5) Hirokazu Ibata (CD) SS (1) Hiroyuki Nakajima (SL)
(3) Norichika Aoki (YS) OF (3) Hichori Morimoto (NHF)
(6) Norihiro Akahoshi (HT) OF (3) Atsunori Inaba (NHF)
(1) Takahiro Suzuki (YG) OF (1) Tomotaka Sakaguchi (OB)

The number in parentheses is how many golden gloves they've won.

(*This was Norihiro's second GG in the Central League after getting 5 of them in the Pacific League. Also, seriously, Arai and Kurihara tied for CL 1B with 50 votes each so they both got the award... I wonder how often that's happened?)

My only question this year is, Alex Cabrera? WHAT? I will note that he only beat Kazuya Fukuura by two votes, but honestly I'm not sure Fukuura deserves it either. I don't really know WHO deserves it come to think of it, though. Bleh.

This is also going to pain me to say it, but I'm glad someone finally noticed that Takahiro Suzuki is pretty kickass at defense. I know I hate him on principle for being a Giants player, but he's really good in the field.

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