Thursday, April 03, 2008

MLB Flakes

A few days ago I mentioned that Calbee 2008 Pro Yakyu chips are officially out. Given that BBM isn't releasing the 2008 Series 1 cards until April 17th (at least that's what the kind folks down at the Jimbocho branch of Mint told me last weekend when I stopped by), Calbee is what we've got for now. I was at the supermarket last night for my normal grocery shopping trip, and grabbed three bags of Pro Yakyu Chips because I'm incredibly weak-willed. (Cards: Hiroshima's Masayuki Hasegawa, Hawks' Tsuyoshi Wada, and Chunichi's Kazuhiro Wada. Whatta lotta Wada.)

So I'm thinking about how unhealthy it is to bundle baseball cards with potato chips, and I round the corner to the breakfast/tea aisle, and I can't believe what I see on display there:

Yes, this is some kind of tie-in from Kellogg's. As far as I can tell, they're putting MLB baseball cards inside BREAKFAST CEREAL boxes. Which isn't all too strange in some senses; I certainly remember wanting to collect cereal toys when I was a kid (and my mom telling me no). But as an answer to Pro Yakyu Chips it's pretty funny!

There's also a chance to get "MLB Rare Goods" like baseballs and jerseys.

"Corn Frosties", "Genmai Flakes", "Frostie Crunch", and "Coco-kun no Chocowa".

I've been requested to bring back some genmai flakes for a friend when I go to the US in a week or two anyway. This is a perfect excuse to buy them! (But I didn't think of that last night.)

The only thing that'd be better is if they had Japanese player tie-ins for these, like Fukumori Flakes or Fukudome Frosties. Although, come to think of it, given the Mariners' opening day game, "Fukumori Flakes" isn't really that far off.


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