Saturday, April 26, 2008

An Apology to Hitoshi Tamura


I am really, really, really sorry how I keep referring to you as the Player Most Likely to Kill Himself Running Into A Wall.

I realize it was only three weeks ago that I saw you in Chiba and marvelled that you had not, in fact, run into any walls recently.

Thus, tonight, when I watched the sports news, and saw Akira Ohtsuka hit that ball to left field... and it caused a collision in left field as two fielders both ran for the ball with wild abandon and CRASHED and fell over... and one stood up and went for the ball, while the other just lay there on the ground... I had a sinking feeling...

...and I was right. Ohtsuka got a 2-run inside-the-park home run, and you got carried out of the stadium on a stretcher with a broken right leg. That did NOT look like fun.

I was really freaked out about the entire thing, but then I saw that you seem to be pretty optimistic about it, so if you tell us not to worry, I won't worry. You're right; accidents happen, and it should be 4-6 weeks to heal, sure. Look on the bright side, you'll miss rainy season and interleague! (Of course, you should be getting back just in time for the deadliest heat of summer, so maybe it's a mixed blessing.)

Anyway, I'm really sorry I jinxed you. Please get lots of rest and heal quickly.

Also, I hope you do not mind if I give left-fielder Yuya Hasegawa the nickname of "Wall" from now on.

Deanna the Hokkaidork

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