Friday, April 04, 2008

Gaikokumoku (or, other crazy things happen on Thursday too)

I promised the Lotte Marines Mind Control Task Force that I'd mention this here, since I was whining at him about how I can't even GO to Chiba on Thursdays due to work. But maybe there are people reading this who can go...

Basically, they're going to try starting an "International Zone" at Marines home Thursday night games, and encourage people to come watch the game and chat in English. Will it work? Who knows. Does that matter? Not really. Should you go? Hell yeah!

I'm mostly copying and pasting this from an email (minus the subliminal messages), so here you go. No official website to link to about it yet, but if it works out well I'm sure there will be!


Hey all you friendly, fun-loving foreigners, Thursday Night is officially the un-official “International Night” for the Chiba Lotte Marines! If that makes any sense in any language, please let us know!

Come join us in the fabulous new “Left Stand Deck” in Marine Stadium for every Thursday night home game to make new friends, drink a few beers or sodas or just tea and cheer on the greatest team in Japan!

Tickets are only 2,300 yen and are available:

· Marine Stadium Box office: Open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
· E-mail Larry Rocca, captain of the Mind Control Task Force, rocca(at) for help or any other inquiries

As an added bonus, Peter Gallante, the founder, CEO and world renowned host of japanesepod101 will be at the first gathering on April 17, so buy your tickets now, as supplies are limited!

See you at the ballpark on April 17, when the Marines will crush the Golden Eagles!

Or on April 24, when the Marines will slay the Lions!

Or on May 1, when the Marines will so thoroughly embarrass their opponents as to have them consider disbanding!

Or, if you are an alcoholic and have no job, on all 3 nights!

And don’t forget those wild and wacky GAIKOKUMOKU nights are not just for home games anymore!

Anyone who wants to pound beers, watch the Marines on TV and heckle, in English, the executive formerly known as M-Crash (don't ask) should join Larry Rocca at the “Marines Official Sports Bar” at Kaihin-Makuhari Station for every Thursday night ROAD game.

First gathering of “gaijin needing just the slightest sliver of an excuse to drink beers together” is at 6:00 p.m. on April 10, Marines versus the sucky Lions.

The Marines Official Sports Bar is located next to the Lotteria hamburgers in the Plena Mall on the left as you walk in the direction of Marine Stadium. No Bobby Burgers at the bar, sorry!

In other words, Larry really needs a beer. You'd need a beer too if your team had just gotten swept by the Rakuten Golden Eagles.

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