Wednesday, December 12, 2007

All That Glitters

So, on Monday there was a big ceremony for presenting various NPB awards from this season; best nine, golden gloves, etc. As you can imagine, all of the players showed up dressed in nice business suits. Well, almost all, that is.

Hichori Morimoto decided to pay homage to another person who used to wear a shiny glove, by dressing up as Michael Jackson circa Thriller for the ceremony.

He's so awesome. End of line.

In more things that "glitter", so to speak, a few weeks ago on November 28th, four Fighters players did a Fashion Show event at Marui Imai department store in Sapporo, where they proceeded to be incredibly embarrassed in front of a crowd of around 400 people, mostly middle-aged women.

Your Fashionable Fighters: Kensuke Tanaka, Naoto Inada, Shinya Tsuruoka, Makoto Kaneko.

Kaneko wore a $4000 coat and sunglasses and joked that fashion sense is sorely undervalued on the Fighters. No wonder they miss Shinjo so much.

(Speaking of Kaneko, he's still doing Weekly Mack radio broadcasts and they are still entertaining, if you have time to listen to the archives. I'm still torn over who my favorite Fighter really is these days. I tend to say Hichori when asked, but I think Kaneko is way up there as well.)

Man, I wonder, if only I lived in Sapporo, would I get to go to all of the cool player events? Inaba's going to be at the Asahikawa Aeon mall next week :( Actually, it does seem like there are a few minor leaguer events in Kamagaya -- but I still haven't made it out there to Fighters Town at all. I suck.

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